Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bush-it Politics

Hopefully, I am not simply being overly optimistic here (optimism is not a typical trait of mine). But could Rove really be held responsible? Just look at how Bush struggles when Unca Karl isn't around! The story of the rehearsed, unscripted Q&A with the soldiers would never have been news at all. Georgie doesn't stand a chance without his puppetmaster. If Rove and DeLay both go down, I think Bush's days as President are numbered. I've always pointed out the similarities between the Bush and Nixon Administrations. I never thought that the possibility of Bush ending his Presidency just as Nixon did, even as awfully as he has "done his job". Here's where the optimism comes in. It does seen highly likely, though if Rove and DeLay are found guilty.


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