Friday, October 21, 2005


Ok. Let's compare two employees here.

Employee A does his job well, has never missed a day of work.

Employee B has not only spent approximately 70% of his tenure either on vacation, but did not report to work when he was needed most

Employee A is of slightly higher than average intelligence.

Employee B has displayed the intelligence equal to that of a 6th grade child more often than not.

Employee A has made his workplace a better place to work, as he is helpful to those working around him, even when he seems to be overwhelmed with his workload.

Employee B has pitted one side of the office against the other.

Employee A works very well under pressure.

Employee B mumbles and stutters when he's confused.

Employee A is good for his company.

Employee B has already driven many other businesses into the red, and now he's doing the same to your company.

Employee A has a brilliant daugher and wife, and is expecting another baby in a week.

Employee B, as well as his wife, children, neices and nephews, have a history of legal and criminal problems.

Employee A is reliable, responsible, and driven.

Employee B has a history of going AWOL, diverting blame, and never held accountable for his (in)actions.

Which of these employees deserve to be fired?

Why does Bu$h have a job, and I don't?


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