Friday, October 21, 2005


Ok. Let's compare two employees here.

Employee A does his job well, has never missed a day of work.

Employee B has not only spent approximately 70% of his tenure either on vacation, but did not report to work when he was needed most

Employee A is of slightly higher than average intelligence.

Employee B has displayed the intelligence equal to that of a 6th grade child more often than not.

Employee A has made his workplace a better place to work, as he is helpful to those working around him, even when he seems to be overwhelmed with his workload.

Employee B has pitted one side of the office against the other.

Employee A works very well under pressure.

Employee B mumbles and stutters when he's confused.

Employee A is good for his company.

Employee B has already driven many other businesses into the red, and now he's doing the same to your company.

Employee A has a brilliant daugher and wife, and is expecting another baby in a week.

Employee B, as well as his wife, children, neices and nephews, have a history of legal and criminal problems.

Employee A is reliable, responsible, and driven.

Employee B has a history of going AWOL, diverting blame, and never held accountable for his (in)actions.

Which of these employees deserve to be fired?

Why does Bu$h have a job, and I don't?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Can't We Just All Get Along?

This is one of the two most offensive, disgusting icons I can think of at the moment. The Swastika and whatever they call that encircled cross that the Klan uses. It stands for hatred, closed-mindedness, intolerance, and ignorance. That being said, I support their right to assemble, and to voice their opinions. We had a similar problem with a Klan Rally in Ann Arbor that made national headlines. There were those of us who argued, after that incident, that if nobody showed up, the Klan would stop marching. They got exactly what they wanted out of Toledo today. National press coverage. Something they can use as a recruiting tool. A chance to play the victim. Let them dress up in their costumes and march around playing soldier for a day. Who cares? Don't go! Without an audience, they aren't shit.

Bush-it Politics

Hopefully, I am not simply being overly optimistic here (optimism is not a typical trait of mine). But could Rove really be held responsible? Just look at how Bush struggles when Unca Karl isn't around! The story of the rehearsed, unscripted Q&A with the soldiers would never have been news at all. Georgie doesn't stand a chance without his puppetmaster. If Rove and DeLay both go down, I think Bush's days as President are numbered. I've always pointed out the similarities between the Bush and Nixon Administrations. I never thought that the possibility of Bush ending his Presidency just as Nixon did, even as awfully as he has "done his job". Here's where the optimism comes in. It does seen highly likely, though if Rove and DeLay are found guilty.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Son Of A Bush

Oh no
Struck by greased lightning
F'd by the same last name
You know what?
China ain't never givin' back that goddamn plane
Must got this ol' nation trained
On some kennel ration
The same train
Full of cocaine
Froze the brain
Have you forgotten?
I been through the first term of Rotten
The father, the son
And the holy Bush-it we all in
Don't look at me
I ain't callin' for no assassination
I'm just sayin' who voted for this asshole of the nation

Deja Bush
Crushed by the head rush
15 years back
When I wrote the first Bum Rush
Saw you salute
To the then
Vice Prez
Who did what Raygun said
And then became Prez
Himself went for Delf
Knee deep in his damn self
Stuck in a 3 headed bucket
Of Trilateral Bush-it
Sorry ain't no better way of puttin' it
No you cannot freestyle this
Cause yo ass still ain't free
If I fight for y'all
And they get me
How many of y'all
Is comin' to get me?
'Cause it's easier to forget me
Ain't that a A Bush
Son of a Bush is here
All up in your zone
You ain't never heard so much soul to the bone
I told y'all when the first Bush was tappin' my telephone
Spy vs. Spy
Can't trust 'em
As your salute to the illuminati
Take your ass to your 1 millionth party
He's the son of a baaaaad
He's the Son of a Bad Man
Now here's the pitch
High and inside
Certified Genocide
Ain't That a Bush - Repeat, Ain't that a Bush
Out of Nowhere
Headed to the hothouse?
Killed 135 at the last count.... Texas bounce
Cats in the cage
Got a ghost of a chance
Of comin' back
From your whack ass killin' machine
Son of a Bush ain't that a Son of a Bush
Cats doin' bids
For doin' the same Bush-it that you did
Serial killer kid, uh seriel killer kid
He's the son of a baaaad
He's the Son of a Bad Man
Coke it's the real thing
Used to make you swing
Used to be your thing
Daddy had you under his wing
Son of a Bush
Bringin' kilos to fill up the silos
You probably sniffed piles
Got inmates in Texas scrubbin' tiles
That shit is wild
CIA child
He's the son of a baaaaad
He's the Son of a Bad Man

The Monkey Thing

Every so often, you find a piece of music that just blows your freakin' mind. Lately, I've been sifting through different jazz musicians looking for something new (to me) and interesting. I came across Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "Kirk in Copenhagen". Track 3, The Monkey Thing, has Sonny Boy Williamson sitting in. Unfreakin'believable!!! Although I had never actually heard any of his material, I had heard OF him. This guy just blows my mind. I've never heard such versatility, technique, and intensity from one musician. A true genius. Hearing that track made me feel like I did the first time I heard Kashmir, Around The Plynth, How High The Moon, and The Wizard. I was in complete awe, and had never heard anything quite like it before. Too bad I noticed him 28 years too late.