Friday, July 29, 2005

I Had A Dream....

Ahh, yes. Times are good. We have a wonderful President, the economy is good... spending on social programs has been reduced dramatically... not because they have been butchered, but because people are able to care for their own. Everybody has health care, prescription drugs, and all they need to use preventative medicine for their benefit. Prisons are being closed down across the country, as non-violent "criminals" have been freed, and people who are incarcerated for mental issues are in hospitals recieving the medical care they need. Corporations are held accountable for their actions, and the government is no longer on "Morality Patrol". Good times, indeed. Who, might you ask is President? Who consists of his Cabinet? Why, I'll tell you...

President: Kucinich
VP: Cynthia McKinney
Secretary of Agriculture: Willie Nelson
Secretary of Defense: Wesley Clark
Secretary of Education: Noam Chomsky
Secretary of Energy: Bill Maher
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Jocelyn Elders
Secretary of Homeland Security: POSITION ELIMINATED
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Rev. Al Sharpton
Secretary of the Interior: Nancy Pelosi
Secretary of Justice: Carl Levin, Sr.
Secretary of Labor: Michael Moore
Secretary of State: Barack Obama
Secretary of Transportation: Ralph Nader
Secretary of Treasury: Howard Dean
Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: John McCain

...and I think to myself.... What a wonderful world.
Huh? What? Oh, shit! I woke up!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Political Prediction (aka We're Fu**ed)

From what I've gathered, I would like to take my shot at predicting where our country is going. Although I would like to be a little more specific than the crapper, that would be equally precise, I'm sure.

A woman in the White House would be an excellent idea. There are a few women that I would choose before Hillary, but it appears as though that is where the Democrats are going. I would like to see Cynthia McKinney there instead... hell, even Jocelyn Elders... but it looks like Hillary is going to get the nomination. I would much rather see Dennis Kucinich on the ballot with Barack Obama.

Now... if you're a Republican, you are salivating as we speak. Probably pitchin' a tent, too. All the dirt and BS that you've concocted in the 90s about the Clintons only needs to be regurgitated. Your homework is done. It won't be a problem crushing her... again. SO, now you can put just about anyone up against her. At first, I thought that it would be Jeb Bush. But I think the Republican party has something much bigger on tap. I shudder to think that Rick Santorum is in the batter's box. But it makes perfect sense. If you're a RepubliCON Political Strategist, you recognize this, and move to (s)elect, install, whatever... the most homophobic, business-friendly, reich wing, neo-con, bible thumpin', gun totin' bass turd you can find. Looks like he's your man.

Hey... I never claimed to be optimistic. Considering that Hannity, Rush, and all the other right wing blowhards have already trained their audience to to discredit anything the Clintons ever did with blowjobs and possible real estate issues. I, unfortunately, see a Hillary nomination as a resignation. Things only get worse from here on out.